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.INFO Domain Registration

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.ORG Domain Registration

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.NET Domain Registration

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Free Domain Name Control Panel

Easy and powerful control panel allows your to manage all your domain names from one central place.


Free Email Forwarding

Easily create up to 100 email addresses using your domain name:, and have them forwarded to an existing mailbox


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Other Domain Name Services

Domain Privacy Protection

Domain WHOIS Protection

Protect your Domain WHOIS contact details from spamming, abuse and privacy.

Google G-Suite App

Google G-suite Email

Enterprise level email services from Google G-suite. Access from any device.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Secure website data using SSL or TLS encryption and build trust with your visitors.

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FAQ's on Domain Registration

What is a domain name registration?

Domain name registration is the process of registering a domain name for your personal or business website. Every website requires Domain Name to identify and accessible to your visitors on the Internet. The person or business that registers domain name is called the domain name registrant.

What are the advantages of registering a domain name?

You register a domain name to support your business and setup online presence. Also, your domain name establishes your online identity, increases reach, branding, marketing and communication opportunities. Your domain name establishes a point of contact, a place where potential customers can obtain information about your company products and services.

What is a .com domain and Generic TLDs?

A .COM domain extension is the most widely recognised domain name for commercial or business websites. However, any individual or business interested in having a website on the Internet can register a .com domain. If you want to offer services across the globe .com should be your choice. The most common domain extensions are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .EDU. Did you know .COM & .NET account for 50% of all domains registered worldwide?

How to check domain name availability?

HostingLand provides easy to use domain check tool. You can use this tool to check domain availability or search domains. It’s very simple. In the Domain Name Search field, enter the domain name you want to register, and then select the domain name extension from the list. Then hit search button. If the domain name you requested is already registered, you can check alternatives. For example, you can select a .net, .info or .in domain extension, rather than .com.

What if I need help in buying a domain name or domain name suggestion?

We are available through live chat, tickets and email 24/7.We can help you in selecting a domain name, search for domain and buy domain name. Don’t hesitate to try us!

How to do domain registration?

You can do domain search or get domain names with trusted domain services provider like HostingLand. Pay for domain registration with USD.

How do you charge for domain names?

All domains are billed automatically every year until you cancel your service. You can register a domain name from 1 year to 10 years.

What I have to do after domain name registration?

To get your website up and running, First, you need to register a domain name, Second, your domain must have a web hosting service. HostingLand provides web hosting along with domain names. Finally, once you get domain name and hosting, design your website using our sitebuilder or on your own or hiring a designer.